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Bugatti Veyron Replica CF12
We will only Build this car on a Race Tube Chassis.
Race Tube Chassis V8  $99,000
Race Tube Chassis V10 or V12  $150,000
2 year Warranty

Bugatti Veyron Interior CF11

<Full Kit $15,500

Full exterior body panels
Rear diffuser pieces x2
Reverse lights x2
Fuel/oil filler doors & caps x2
Dash & center console assembly
License plate light
 Donor doors with rubber seals, latches, power windows & locks, glass, hinges, door holds x2
Grill material for all grills,  aluminum 
Aluminum custom trim parts for inside around A/C controls, CD player, and shift knob
Ext. & interior door skins x2
Front bumper
Rear window glass
Door panels x2
Rear bumper
Front windshield
Door handles, inner x2 
Front hood
Replica engine cover, un-painted  
 Door handles, exterior x2
 Hood metal frame
Engine lid & cover
Rear wing 
 Hood hinges x2
 Aluminum gas doors x2
 Rear wing mechanism assembled
 Wing metal frame
Exterior door handles x2
Dash gauge pod 
Headlight buckets x2 
 Carbon fiber big brake kit
 Seat belt area covers x2
 HID bulbs x4
Replica aluminum exhaust tip
 HL lenses x2
 1 inch tubular steel frame built inside of body, glassed to the shell
 Rear scoops x2
 Tail lights complete 4 pieces



Bugatti replica wheels with tires $6,500

Bugatti Veyron Replica 
Leather Steering Wheel
$2000.00 matched to interior.

Brand New Special Race V16 Engine.
Now you can have 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 lb ft of torque, while using pump gas available anywhere and have reliability that allows us to provide a 1 year warranty and the peace of mind of trouble-free racing. Something unheard of with the kind of performance that can be had with this engine package. Call for pricing. Yes it's Expensive !!! $110,000.00 USD

Available in SBC  Combo with supercharger at around 1800 hp  or BBC Combo up to 3800 hp. 

V16 Engine with Fortin 6 Speed Transaxle Dimensions

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V-16 Dyno Run-1850 HP!
LPG V-16 Dyno Run making 1850 HP & 1800lbs ft torque

Fortin FRS6 Sequential

  • Winner of the Dakar Rally 4 times (2004-2007)
  • 6 speed transaxle


                V12 Bugatti Veyron GTR SS Turn Key only $250,000
                Full Race Version

                APR Performance Carbon Fiber Wing

                APR Carbon Fiber wing for the Lamborghini LP670
                <GTC-300 Adjustable Wing $1,650 USD

                Rolling Thunder Restorations builds their cars according to the order of clients cars when paid for. Normal build times are 5 months per car with the exception of the V16 cars. Those are built in around 8 months time.

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